Monday, 16 May 2011

Siddhartha - my first commission!

........ from a lady who found me through Vegan Society facebook. I was bit nervous about her reaction but fortunately she loved him. She sent me photos of him in his new home. He looks really happy. I think it is one of the best parts of doll making - seeing them in their new homes and knowing someone really loves and takes care of them.

He is a Tibetan monk with cheeky grin (I really enjoyed making his face). He is poseable with delicate ball jointed arms (my first attempt) and movable ankle. He can sit including cross-legged.

His clothes which include vest, robe, sash and shawl are all removable.

His japamala (prayer beads) has 108 hand-made clay beads.

He is 71/2" tall. He can stand on his own without a stand.


  1. I love his face, Sahaya.
    I hope you get many more commissions.

  2. Hello Sahaya, Good to see you again at Kensington. I absolutely love this monk, a fabulous face and you have some patience to do jointed limbs!!! The first commission of many I think! Jain xx

  3. You have made a wonderful job of him Sahaya, I really love his face, and costume and he seems very poseable too with those joints ,not easy to do ! I'm not surprised you have a happy customer :0)
    julie xx

  4. Dear All,

    Thank you for your kind comments and wishes.