Friday, 15 April 2011

Stunning new faeries from Fortune Faeries

Here are the stunning new OOaK (for the first time absolutely no molds were used for the faces) made by Karen van Kalmthout, a wonderful artist and friend who I have learnt a lot from. In her website, Fortune Faeries , you  can see some more of her beautiful sculptures. 


  1. I love these faeries!
    Sophie looks lovely too... I did not know the vegan society existed. I am almost vegan, but still wear leather shoes, and struggle without milk.. I was a vegan for most of my 20's, but had some issues...something I should re-look at now I've hit my 40's!

  2. Karen from Fortune Faeries will be delighted to know that. I will let her know.
    I really like your dolls. Their shoes are fantastic! Like you I was also inspired by Patti's great books two years ago as I found out in your ADO interview.
    Its nice to know that are also a near-vegan and was vegan.
    I love looking at all your animal friends. Just adorable!!!!
    Good luck with your auctioning!!