Monday, 18 April 2011

Everyday People - Nora

First doll of my new range of Everyday People - Nora is a sunny vegan lady with a broad smile. She is an excellent yoga teacher. She is 31/4 inches tall in her chunky trainers and is poseable with 9 joints including moving head. She can sit on a chair but sadly can not sit cross-legged. She can stand by herself without a stand.

She is a portrait of my good friend and yoga teacher who really is such a positive and sunny personality. I really enjoyed making her although her trainer was really hard for me to make and it did not turn out as I had hoped. However, I was very pleased with my first attempt at a moving head which was a success.

Nora launched my Etsy page yesterday.

My Everyday People will be people I or anyone of us would have met and seen. Hopefully they will charm you and not look scary like my other characters :-) (no offence to them).


  1. She looks like she enjoys her job. Great detail and so tiny. Jain x

  2. Thank you.
    Looking forward to see your new works in Kensington.